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M-Thurs              5pm 

M,T,TH                7pm 

Saturday            10am 

Times listed are our school schedule, summer schedule released in MAY! 

PEAK (Parisi Elite Athletic Knowledge) – Focused on the elite athlete of all ages, this individualized coaching program focuses on individual needs, goals and improvements needed to complete in his/her specific sport at a competitive level.

Total Performance – Focused on athletes from ages 13 – 18, this small group program focuses on the techniques used in speed, agility and strength to maximize improvements in athletic performance.

M-Thurs             4 & 6pm

Saturday           9 &11am 

Small Group (up to 4)
10 Sessions       $300 
20 Sessions       $500  

Jump Start – Focused on young athletes from ages 7 – 12, this small group program sets the foundation for success in any sport by focusing on speed, agility and overall coordination.

1 on 1 - Ask a Performance Coach about Pricing

Youth Total Conditioning – Focused on youth of all ages, this program is designed to get youth physically fit and create a foundation for a life-long healthy life style, all while having fun!                              $50 / month - No Contract,  Monday & Wednesday at 6pm 

9 Months           $99 / month 

3 Months           $149 / month 

(Unlimited Training Sessions)

10 Sessions       $200 

​20 Sessions       $350

9 Months           $119 / month 
3 Months           $169 / month 

(Unlimited Training Sessions)

10 Sessions       $250

20 Sessions       $400

Parisi Method 4 (PM4) is another revolutionary approach from Bill Parisi. PM4 incorporates four fundamental and essential elements that are proven to be game-changers for coaches who are serious about team training, reducing the chance of injury, reaching their physical potential, all while building confidence and bolstering team unity.

The four PM4 elements are:
Active Dynamic Warm-upThe cornerstone of PM4, this true warm-up focuses on specific exercises and choreographed maneuvers during dynamic muscular movement to increase body core temperature and blood flow.
Movement Skill MethodsThis phase is focused on the four areas important to a strong and powerful foundation: deceleration, acceleration, change of direction and maximum speed.
Strength and Power Development Also focused on four areas, this phase targets the muscular and nervous systems in order to create strength, power and stabilization throughout the body.
Total ConditioningThe final phase of PM4 is focused on athletes who want to reach an athletic potential that they may not be aware exists within themselves by extending a lot of power over extended periods of time.

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