Amanda Sterrett 

​​Performance Coach

Sheldon Howell is a Wichita native. Attended Bishop Carroll Catholic High School and graduated from Wichita North in 2008. Sheldon received all city honors for baseball in 2008.

Attended Newman University 2008-2009, then transferred to Butler Community College 2009-2010. At Butler he was a conference champion, and was voted Team Captain, and received Conference All Star honors. After Community College, he attended Fort Hays State University 2010-2012, where he ended his career. At Hays he achieved Team Captain/Athletic Academic Honors. Sheldon graduated with degrees in Liberal Science, Business Communication, and Business Administration.

Sheldons coaching experience includes the Kansas Cannons 2014, Andale High School 2015, and has coached youth baseball since graduating college. Sheldon is also the Commissioner for Kansas Collegiate League Baseball.

Sheldon is the Owner and Program Director of Wichita Parisi and a Certified Parisi Performance Coach. 
“The driving force behind this program is the passion that the staff has to develop the athletes that are in it. We strive every single day to instill confidence and character into each one of our athletes, which allows them to succeed on and off the field. Ultimately building a successful program and allowing each athlete to achieve great things while they are here, and while they compete.”

Jacob Tompkins is a Wichita transplant. He graduated high school in 2014 from Mason County High School in Maysville, KY. In high school Jacob was an all state punter and kicker. He was also all-state in track in two events (400 and 4x4), a state champ in the indoor 400 and 4x4 and outdoor 4x4, he also finished seventh in the 100m dash his senior year. He competed in the state track meet in at least one event for 4 years. He was also academic all state for four years in high school. In 2013 he was the Bigger Faster Stronger Male Athlete of the Year.

He then attended Baker University in Baldwin City, KS, where he was a four year starter as a punter, a three-time HEART All Conference selection, a four times conference champion and national runner-up in football, triple-crown winner in track, and a three-time Daktronics Scholar Athlete. He graduated In 2018 with honors with degrees in Business Finance and Economics with a minor in Accounting. 

“Looking back I can only imagine how much better I could have been had I had the proper coaching that is offered at Parisi. My mission at Wichita Parisi is to inspire, instruct, and empower my clients to reach their individual fitness pinnacles.”

Sheldon Howell 


Program Director / Performance Coach 

Josh Becker​
Associate Director of Operations / Performance Coach 

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Jacob Tompkins ​

Performance Coach 

Josh Becker was born and raised in Garden Plain, Kansas where he also went on to graduate high school in 2012. As a very active athlete, he was nominated All-League in basketball and football his senior year and was also nominated as an All-State wide receiver for football as well.

He went on to play football at Friends University for four years where he was a three year starter as wide receiver. In his senior season he was selected to be a team captain. In his junior and senior season Josh made the school’s AD Honor Roll. He graduated in May 2016 with a major in Health Management and a minor in Business and Science.

Josh is the Associate Director of Operations and Certified Parisi Performance Coach.

“Growing up in a small town I didn’t know what the next step in my life would hold. I wanted to go to college to play football, but I wasn’t quite sure what I needed to do to achieve this goal of mine. As a Parisi coach I hope to help kids find their athletic purpose and fulfill any goal that they have made for themselves. As a former collegiate athlete, I feel like I can provide that insight for what college coaches look for, and teach kids how a good work ethic can get them farther than just talent alone. I’ve always believed hard work beats talent and through Parisi I believe that while we can help kids get more talented, we also show them what all they can truly accomplish when they give 100% of their effort in everything that they do.”

Amanda Sterrett was born and raised in Clearwater, Kansas where she went on to graduate high school in 2009. During her high school career Amanda was a 3 year varsity starter in volleyball and a 4 year varsity starter in softball, earning All-League honors in both sports her junior and senior seasons, with the highlight being named to the State Volleyball All-Tournament team while helping lead her team to a third place finish her senior year.

After high school, Amanda continued her volleyball career at Butler Community College where she was voted team captain for the 2010 season, earned All-Conference and All-District honors, and still holds the record for kill percentage in a season and career. After two years at Butler, Amanda earned a full-ride scholarship to Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana where she finished out her career as a co-captain and earning Southland Conference Honor Roll her junior and senior seasons.

After graduating from Nicholls State University in 2013, Amanda returned to Clearwater High School where she has coached the Lady Indian Volleyball team for the last six years; four as assistant coach and two as head coach. She has coached club teams since her freshman year in college, with the last six years as Co-Club Director for Crush Volleyball Club.

"My mission here at Wichita Parisi is to engage with athletes who have goals and dreams, but are where I was as a kid and unsure of how to reach them, or those who maybe don’t realize their goals and dreams until they have someone in their corner. I want to be that person that I needed when I was growing up and encourage athletes to want to better themselves and believe in all possibilities through hard work, dedication, and HEART."

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